by Clone 334

Engine 05:28
Homeslick 06:07
Sin 04:26
Heat Loss 06:26
Breadbug 04:28


Clone 334 composes beat-driven electronica inspired by techno, noise, and experimental music in his New Mexico home studio. Manipulating low drones and unrepentant melodies, Clone creates new and genre-defying soundscapes that thrum with life and sound.

Entropy galvanizes ambience and forges atmospheric, kick-driven beats. Alchemizing analog synthesis and digital instrumentation, Clone 334 constructs complex and immersive environments that express the entropy of sound and the order of rhythm.

Engine is a soft chaos of sound and ambience. Crushed samples roil beneath a silken string synthesizer to evoke dark environments.

In Homeslick, warbling, alien synthesis hangs over deep, foreboding bass layers in this phantasmal song with a thick, thumping kick and haunting snares.

In The Satellites Crash Into Earth, an ever-present electronic signal rides over classic bass sounds, giving way to intensifying rhythms and drive.

Sin's gnarled bass sounds lay the groundwork for haunting electric instrumentation that swell into an ear-filling rhythm.

In Summertime, a threaded bassline composes the foundation to lamenting vocals and an ever-growing chaotic soundscape.

Bass and textures ricochet off deep kicks in Liquid Sequence, held together with ghostly snare drums and clever kickdrum syncopation.

Gradual Decline into Disorder brings chaotic sounds and ambiance into order with deep, humming basslines and energetic percussion.

Entropy's Single, Heat Loss, is a study in cyberpunk rhythms. A staccato, driving bassline sits silky under four-on-the-floor kicks and hypnotic polysynth hits.

Breadbug's soft, melodic arpeggio is underpinned by digital harmonies that coast on the smooth and confident bass.

Rhythmic and percussive, Electronic Energy Drink is a tribal and energetic composition rooted firmly by the spirited, arpeggiated bassline.


released September 25, 2020

Album art by Ben Sigas. www.patreon.com/bendrawslife
Album description by Irilay. soundcloud.com/irilay


all rights reserved



Clone 334 New Mexico

Noise Influenced Modular Techno and Electronica.

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